music tools

and other things too. but my intention, my reason is to play. to play with the ones that want to play,
with me else i off for dry land or was it try land.
  • warwick alien acoustic bass, bigger body and bigger sound, than the hohner. currently strung with flatwounds.
    caution: the pickup sometimes hums and it seams unpredictable, maybe temperature, humidity or some unpredictable stellar things. i try to get around with a cable from jack to strings.
  • a musicman stingray5 (i traded the l2000 + money).

  • aria pro ii, 26 frets, bartolini j-pickups, for real easy playing.

left over from my short guitar playing time: 
    fender jaguar (on vacation ireland i presume),

    • claves, wonderful firewood sticks including bark. probably apple or pear from a friends garden.

    •   the "alt rosa" gigbag, which i used for years, sadly the zipper is broken, replaced by a fender tweed gigbag, which is cool too and much sturdier.
    • the fender tweed gigbag's the construction is much better than the pink one, but less pretty.
    • gallien krĂĽger MB-150s
    • tc electronic staccato combo if gk is not big enough. 
    • tc ditto, x2 and boss rc1
    collected items

    guyatone 930, selmer tube head, soundcity 200, 18" voxbox, 2/2 fender 2x15, carlsbro 40w bassamp, hoyer taurus black fretless (lost)

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