my approach to music is playing, actually to life in general too:
"k.i.s.s keep it simple stupid" or in other words "do not outsmart yourself".
this might be accomplished by cautious thinking, listening (to your own heart and breadth) and decisions based on ... myself, nothing else i have to offer. dive deep into ...

so when i heard of pop-up shops, immediately pop-up concerts came to my mind.

in the discussion people changed it to jazz-up.

now for the real action, i would more prefer the term hold-up as used in the wild west genre.
the ideal situation is, to show up and play. in reality this only is feasible on jam sessions.

new as of june 2011: make it jazsoup, it is more mixed, mangled and boiling.

my translation of jazsoup into german is "ein marmaladebrot" just in case someone reads this or that.

late 2012 - life get's more undefined ... whereto ?

2014 pesciolino enters my life. music my way ! life ?

2017 learnt that there are non-places ... one might be in for some time :

what comes up
what goes on
and while i am at it
continue commited to love and trust

JazzBaragge jam

After tuesday jam in Bern I stopped by at the Moods in Zurich for JazzBaragge jam session. And ... playing was nice and talks were better...