Tuesday, October 31, 2017

margaret mead ... for the future

i took "coming of age in samoa" from the pile of books to be dumped in our library and read it sometime later. As remote, copyright 1928, samoa, as this seams ... it was not !

Chapter 13. Our educational problems in the light of samoan contrast, tries to get a view on ourselves from outside.

Chapter 14. Education for Choice ... simply the title says it. Education is showing and offering choices.

Next up was
Margaret Mead - Contributions to Contemporary Education by Kate Maguire
A Springer brief, means short and concise and a lot of followup reading.
Describing Mead's picture of postfigurative, cofigurative and prefigurative cultures.

  • Postfigurative means post the figuration phase of a culture, living on like the elders.
  • Cofigurative is teaching the siblings to live in a changing world.
  • Prefigurative means, no one knows what will come, what will work. So parents and teachers, the middle generation, needs to find the ways together with the peoples of tomorrow, their kids, maybe still unborn.
and then "Culture and Commitment" from Mead ...

maybe call it heritage of the future.

JazzBaragge jam

After tuesday jam in Bern I stopped by at the Moods in Zurich for JazzBaragge jam session. And ... playing was nice and talks were better...