Sunday, December 2, 2012

let-downer (as usual)

years, actually decades ago, i ordered a gigbag for my bassguitar. at that time i was in munich once a week in the MunichBassInstitute, everyone had a gig bag. most of the bags were black, some dark brown, the leather bag of peter was beige. this is a clear sign of male dominated area, the same as entering a clothing store for man. the gods showed mercy with me i got a pink one, without ordering it, i am not sure if i would have dared to.

to countermove the really annoying architecture/designer-black-turtleneck-syndrom in creative surroundings i proposed to that i would love to have a freitag-gigbag. being professionals they declined, there is an addition to a normal bag, gigbags need protective cushioning, maybe this is a reason, but there might also be the small market that is there for non-black in music business.

this leaves me with the one choice, a fender tweed gigbag.

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