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pictures and videos

big issues this days
german t-mobile advertises picture storage in the cloud flamewars as instagram is no more iphone onlyfacebook buys the company for big money ten years ago uncle X slide show of last and preceeding holidays pictures was the perfection of boredom. sometimes second to sock drawer reorganization.

these days, the 21st century (?see), things changed as it looks to me.
uncle X is the party king showing his pictures on an ipad, downloading them from some cloud.

card steps

the first time i could make use of the cards in a live session, the sax only wanted one card.

lately a piano player took a full pick five cards.

  G mi  -  Eb mi  -  F# mi   C mi  -  A mi 
all minor, sorry for the boy, but we did it. the B-part (Cmi Ami) was played al fine only.

notes how to go around the A-part.
g a bb c# d eb f# is an interesting scaleg eb f# is nearly giant steps changes, taking f# as dominant to b we are there.
but in minor:  Gmi aeol - Ebmi aeol - F#mi dor