Sunday, December 2, 2012

let-downer (as usual)

years, actually decades ago, i ordered a gigbag for my bassguitar. at that time i was in munich once a week in the MunichBassInstitute, everyone had a gig bag. most of the bags were black, some dark brown, the leather bag of peter was beige. this is a clear sign of male dominated area, the same as entering a clothing store for man. the gods showed mercy with me i got a pink one, without ordering it, i am not sure if i would have dared to.

to countermove the really annoying architecture/designer-black-turtleneck-syndrom in creative surroundings i proposed to that i would love to have a freitag-gigbag. being professionals they declined, there is an addition to a normal bag, gigbags need protective cushioning, maybe this is a reason, but there might also be the small market that is there for non-black in music business.

this leaves me with the one choice, a fender tweed gigbag.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

blue shield for people

This is one of the protective signs, probably the triplicated one is required in some areas.

The backside should have the text in the most appropriate language:

Protected by the Convention of The Hague, date 14 May1954, for the protection of cultural property in the event of an armed conflict.

After years of procrastination i managed to convince the talents from dieselch to do the gritty details for me, many thanks.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

civilization - to go

next time you visit a public toilet, in a trainstation or a rest stop, remeber civilization is still a long way to go.

and then think about pollution rights, air, sea and earth ...

a long long way, let's hope "The journey is the reward" applies a little.

Friday, May 18, 2012

pilot talk

condensed language to enable on stage communication while playing.

  in / out
  low / high
  go / stop
  more / less
  yes / no / now
  up / down

shout if need

Saturday, April 14, 2012

pictures and videos

big issues this days
  • german t-mobile advertises picture storage in the cloud
  • flamewars as instagram is no more iphone only
  • facebook buys the company for big money
ten years ago uncle X slide show of last and preceeding holidays pictures was the perfection of boredom. sometimes second to sock drawer reorganization.

these days, the 21st century (?see), things changed as it looks to me.
uncle X is the party king showing his pictures on an ipad, downloading them from some cloud.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

card steps

the first time i could make use of the cards in a live session, the sax only wanted one card.

lately a piano player took a full pick five cards.

  G mi  -  Eb mi  -  F# mi
  C mi  -  A mi 

all minor, sorry for the boy, but we did it. the B-part (Cmi Ami) was played al fine only.

notes how to go around the A-part.
  • g a bb c# d eb f# is an interesting scale
  • g eb f# is nearly giant steps changes, taking f# as dominant to b we are there.
    but in minor:  Gmi aeol - Ebmi aeol - F#mi dor

Sunday, February 5, 2012

practice - Üben

not only for bass players to practice walking bass.
  • take the sheet and follow the chords
  • tap off-beats
  • play along: roots, thirds, chords
have fun 

JazzBaragge jam

After tuesday jam in Bern I stopped by at the Moods in Zurich for JazzBaragge jam session. And ... playing was nice and talks were better...