Monday, November 14, 2011

GEO kompakt - intelligenz

"GEO kompakt - intelligenz ..." das Editorial :

der Erflog des Menschen beruht maßgeblich auf zwei Eigenchaften, in denen er jedes andere Lebewesen auf dem Planeten bei Weitem übertrifft: seiner Intelligenz und seiner Kreativität.

mankinds success on this planet is based fundamentally on two properties, in which he excells every other lifeform above and beyond: intelligence and creativity
a daring claim, this species hardly recognizes intelligence in it's own diversions and therefore never managed to communicate with beings outside this.
sorry to say, to me this looks like a sure way to nowhere and below, it does not bring one any farther if it is correct and it nails you to the ground if it is not. intelligence and creativity are not uniform but multitude.

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