Friday, March 25, 2011

back from oslo

Spent five days at SIM workshop in Oslo at the norges musikkhøgskole.

In one: good experience, recommended.

In pieces:

  • Norwegians seam a little dry at first, which suits me well.
  • The black varies, kaffebrenneriet was ok to me.
  • The students from musikkhøgskole attending the course were all real nice and good, I am sorry that I could not play with more of them.
  • Sidsel Endresen, outstanding, simple as that, constantly in doubt, thinking how to express, how it is. live all the time.
  • Thomas Strønen, no complaints left or right, very musical.
  • Grand Jonas of the pianoforte thanks for your patience with me and your strength. Thanks to Ina the bravest and powerfull Ida, airy Kari many thanks.
  • Jon Christensen, like Sidsel, outstanding, but simpler, simple great.
See you tomorrow, next life or universe.

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