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back from oslo

Spent five days at SIM workshop in Oslo at the norges musikkhøgskole.

In one: good experience, recommended.

In pieces:

Norwegians seam a little dry at first, which suits me well.The black varies, kaffebrenneriet was ok to me.The students from musikkhøgskole attending the course were all real nice and good, I am sorry that I could not play with more of them.Sidsel Endresen, outstanding, simple as that, constantly in doubt, thinking how to express, how it is. live all the time.Thomas Strønen, no complaints left or right, very musical.Grand Jonas of the pianoforte thanks for your patience with me and your strength. Thanks to Ina the bravest and powerfull Ida, airy Kari many thanks.Jon Christensen, like Sidsel, outstanding, but simpler, simple great.See you tomorrow, next life or universe.