Sunday, February 6, 2011


i have 24 cards with all major and minor chords written on it (survival supply, just like dental hygene products and chocolate and a towel of course)

pull a tune, for example: three cards for the chorus two for the bridge.

beaware of morphic fields, places mostly home to guitar players tend to produce tunes centered around E,
for example i got : F#minor B C#minor E Eb

recent experience showed the danger that the improvisation degrades to something like a jam in a-minor or similar, be warned and prepared. possible preparations

  • alert everyone, twice at least
  • uses cues and breaks
  • set up a bigger structure, by dynamics, tempo or enlongated harmonic rhythm 
which is of course the same one would do when producing written material, but that is the point, it has to be the same.

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