Monday, December 12, 2011

walk around, talk around

a little structure into your session fun:

having four players on stage, drums plus three, pull three session cards.
every non drummer get's one, lay them open.

get the last digit from the birthdate of every player, this is the number of beats in two bars.
tell/show them everyone.

start playing
first let the chords/tones ring

enter some rhythm

everyone is allowed to take up every part.

end somewhere


be aware of tonal preferences: after a longer conversation with a trumpet player my session cards mostly do b-flat things. this fits to a former experience, when pulling things with guitar players, one gets a lot of sharps.

usage of two bar structures is recommended for rhythms (clave style), four bar for harmonic rhythms.

Monday, November 14, 2011

GEO kompakt - intelligenz

"GEO kompakt - intelligenz ..." das Editorial :

der Erflog des Menschen beruht maßgeblich auf zwei Eigenchaften, in denen er jedes andere Lebewesen auf dem Planeten bei Weitem übertrifft: seiner Intelligenz und seiner Kreativität.

mankinds success on this planet is based fundamentally on two properties, in which he excells every other lifeform above and beyond: intelligence and creativity
a daring claim, this species hardly recognizes intelligence in it's own diversions and therefore never managed to communicate with beings outside this.
sorry to say, to me this looks like a sure way to nowhere and below, it does not bring one any farther if it is correct and it nails you to the ground if it is not. intelligence and creativity are not uniform but multitude.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

hacking - the next generation

interesting read but strange things along the read:

  the classic blended attack: safari's carpet bomb

is named absolutely wrong. the carpet bomb, safari stores files of unknown type to the desktop, is a sensible design decision, they are not hidden somewhere. it is getting useless on windows, if the files have the extension ".dll" because windows will not display them.

and the bug is that ie7 does look for dlls to load on the desktop, this is not a bug this is madness.

what i learned along this too is that reviews on o'reilly are already sold to someone else.

i am number four

do not read. a computer game on paper. long time setup of the fact that numberfour is a teen in puberty. interestingly even though his expected lifetime is much longer adolescence is at the same age as on earth.

and the showdown is horrible silly.

do not read.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

always remember

Keith Jarret, Gary Peacock, Jack DeJohnette
: Whisper Not   Live in Paris 1999
listen now and then !

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


silly me. practicing gilberto gil's "eu vim da bahia", i thought
brilliant odd bar form and shifted melody in part "B".

playing with guitar after a while we came to the conclusion
the written music is wrong, the last bar of the tune is the
first there is no take up bar, but a pause at the start.

correcting this the brilliance dims.

but "baiao official" looks similar, seams to be a brazilian thing:
start later.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

norwegian traffic lights

oslo, the time when horse sleds and wagons were slowly replaced by automobiles. people crossed the street at will, horses stopped if needed, most of the times, but cars. at some point the need for traffic control arose, crossings were defined, first zebracrossings with traffic lights were set up.
But somehow pedestrians accidents did not reduce as expected. After closer inspection it turned out norwegian women did not care of the light.
Questioned they replied that there were only mens pictured on the lights, so they could not be meant.
New lights with two red ones were set up, norwegians are rather dry, so they figured women already crossed the street irrespective of the light, so no one would stop because the green one did not show the correct pictogram. Although long discussions took place if women or men should be top, outcome of these is lost in history (any pointers of more knowledgeables appreciated).
But at the same time womens liberation started to gain momentum and women began to wear trousers and these would not stop for a light showing a skirted figure, what business should they have with scotsmen.
Surprisingly accident numbers declined. Evolution took place, cars began to brake, no sane automobile would collide with norwegian feminists if avoidable.
Due to expense cuttings the red light with the skirted figure, scott or not, were slowly replaced by the nominal men bulbs, so there are two red and one green.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

outreach changes

  • reggie washington replaces james genus on bass
  • chanda rule is giving a gospel workshop
and i booked the band and the bass, looking forward for some fun days and nights.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

outreach schwaz

this year from july 28 to august 14, sporting
  • adam holzman on anything with a keyboard
  • dave taylor trombone
  • franz hackl on trumpet
  • gene pritsker on whatever is around and possibly could be fun
  • jane getter on guitar
  • james genus on bass
  • john clark on french horn
  • kim plainfield and werner groisz on drums
  • michael wolff piano
  • thomas kugi saxophone
  • and ...
hope to being able to make it again
hope to meet old friends and gain new ones.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


the town where i live for a long time now.

this is the local track, after this in german.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

playing standards

The SIM workshop in oslo was about RealtimeMusic. When people talked about playing standards this sounded like they thought it a plague to me.

My way into this and out of it is play with the standards

  • take the first column, the one with with the red border as a improvisational basis.
  • playing them straight gives an extra long form, at least if you are into eight bar forms like me.
  • take one of the other areas, keep it, loose it, play.
standards can be much fun, one should play them, but one is oneself not any coltrane, he did not play it like it was written too (and if he would have done, i consider this his problem, not mine).

have fun.

Friday, March 25, 2011

back from oslo

Spent five days at SIM workshop in Oslo at the norges musikkhøgskole.

In one: good experience, recommended.

In pieces:

  • Norwegians seam a little dry at first, which suits me well.
  • The black varies, kaffebrenneriet was ok to me.
  • The students from musikkhøgskole attending the course were all real nice and good, I am sorry that I could not play with more of them.
  • Sidsel Endresen, outstanding, simple as that, constantly in doubt, thinking how to express, how it is. live all the time.
  • Thomas Strønen, no complaints left or right, very musical.
  • Grand Jonas of the pianoforte thanks for your patience with me and your strength. Thanks to Ina the bravest and powerfull Ida, airy Kari many thanks.
  • Jon Christensen, like Sidsel, outstanding, but simpler, simple great.
See you tomorrow, next life or universe.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday at home

nice instrument, but every now and then the pickup hums (close to low G, in 50Hz surroundings).
no humming for a year now (2013). fishman faq tells something about "the hole beeing too narrow or wide" which is no real help to me.


i have 24 cards with all major and minor chords written on it (survival supply, just like dental hygene products and chocolate and a towel of course)

pull a tune, for example: three cards for the chorus two for the bridge.

beaware of morphic fields, places mostly home to guitar players tend to produce tunes centered around E,
for example i got : F#minor B C#minor E Eb

recent experience showed the danger that the improvisation degrades to something like a jam in a-minor or similar, be warned and prepared. possible preparations

  • alert everyone, twice at least
  • uses cues and breaks
  • set up a bigger structure, by dynamics, tempo or enlongated harmonic rhythm 
which is of course the same one would do when producing written material, but that is the point, it has to be the same.

JazzBaragge jam

After tuesday jam in Bern I stopped by at the Moods in Zurich for JazzBaragge jam session. And ... playing was nice and talks were better...