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wilde of no importance

Music makes one feel so romantic -
at least it always gets on one's nerves.

It's the same thing, nowadays.

-- oscar wilde "A Woman of No Importance"

tune: bluesical chairs

take a 12 bar blues on every round play drop one bar.

variation a

take a blues with a clear turn around drop front bars, footprints worked good

Cmi % % % Fmi % Cmi % F#7/F7 E7/A7 Cmi %

interesting configurations are the 10 bar start


the 9 bar one too because "C F F C" is a standard short form.

variation b

start dropping from the end, till every ends in C-heaven, sing out loud, break .

C % % % F % C % G F C F/G
C % % % F % C % G F C
C % % % F % C % G F
C % % % F % C % G
C % % % F % C %
C % % % F % C
C % % % F %
C % % % F
C % % % sing:"chair man a chair ..."

tune: grinder

grinder - playing advice for drummer plus three
* the band apporoaches the stage * the drummer stops at the last table before stepping up takes a sipp from his beer and leaves it on the table get's up behind the drums counts to four and starts a wailing (rock?) beat * the rest of the band tunes as required and enters when and with what they think * when the last one is in, play eight bars silent, then build up for eight bars: STOP * the drummers goes to his beer takes a seat and sip. * one of the others leaves for the toilet * the rest starts with e.g. au privave as a ballad * comes time all reenter