onto retreat ... red read

next tuesday we, gishi-sam-me, do the session opener in diewilderin if ... things, times and else are stable till then.
motto: rain

the red books are feldenkrais, long since i bought them, rereading. trying to find hints how to go on, although optimistic is another world. but not seeing what is means going wrong.

all the best

contando i giorni ... counting the days

fine settimana di luglio (28 a 30) craig harris5 agostomino cinelu si scontra mark egan7 agosto dave taylor christophe schweizer o masterclass por che ne trioe jazz and moreadvanced rock11 a 13 agosto

giugno suono

lunedi 20 prova di jazz ensemble Zirlmartedi 21 jam session nella die-wilderinmercoledi 22 open stage con clem e klexgiovedi ventitre jazz ensemble zirl concerto finale in eigenhofen martedi ventotto aperturo alla jam session diewilderin

MOOC or …

when considering MOOC also consider M.O.HO.E massive offline hands-on experience (formerly known as L.I.F.E


Together, Richard Sennett, p214… Improvisation is the key to radical repairs of this sort; they most often occur through small, surprising changes … Improvisation occurs in exploring the connections between small repairs and their large consequences.
Incoherence … arises when the craftsman forgets there was a problem to solve in the first place. take it to music
exploring the connections between small repairs and their large consequences.

reacting to/correcting the small surprises, grow them.

Incoherence … the problem to solve in the first place, was it "self pr" or "makin music together" ?

“Having lost sight of our goals, we redouble our efforts” -- Mark Twain

Dialektmusikfestival mundARTgerecht in Längenfeld 13. September

Wir, das sind "Dieter Oberkofler und Freunde", spielen im "Restaurant Alt Längenfeld" abwechselnd mit den Holzbläser der Landesmusikschule Längenfeld.

Beginn so ab Mittag bis 18 Uhr.

überhaupt ein cooles Wochenende
Samstag um 11: aushilfskraft bei "fransen jazz" in ZirlSamstag um 19: bass bei dieter&freunde in der lehn7Sonntag um12: mundgerecht

outreach - after the lunch

Craig Harris : simply a great man making a great band and a great time.
Workshop/rehearsels and a final concert.Carlton Homes : jazz blues and the clave, was less clave but more about the differen feels of jazz, blues and latin music and the idea to use foreign feelings in a solo.
Then again the feel might be the basis for the styles clave.Rats: I missed bandworkshop masterclass por che ne trio.