Sunday, August 24, 2014


loopings - tc electronics ditto and me
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Friday, January 31, 2014

how to use a realbook

first and foremost: use it the way you want !

second: use it when you need it.
  for example i do not play in a regular band, but regularly in sessions.
  sometimes i do not know the name of musicians i play with, very very cool in my opinion.
  to have a common set of tunes for sessions is simply stupid.

third: "have fun"

  • practice at a session: take any tune, start with the first bar, do it, play with it, advance to the second, again play, end when the whole tune was played (or sometime else).
  • useing a realbook does not mean playing the 30+ tunes everyone does. reading a book means reading every page, not every 10th or so.
  • playing music without listening to the original, is a lot of fun, and the most might be if you listen to the "original" afterwards. trying to find your way by always referring to others is ... 
all the best

Monday, September 2, 2013

rehearse ?


  NOUN a rehearsal | rehearsals
  SYNO dry run

dry run, is this like dry swim ?
obviously because running under water is hard.
but does it also mean no sweating ?

consider a hearse, what does rehearse mean, dig out for reburial ?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

blues n.d.

no duplicates. remove every chord repetition from a 12 bar blues.
starting from ::

  C F C C F F C C G F C C

reducing to ::

  C F C F C G F

try some 7/4 against it or play in 7/4 ::

  4+3/4 C | F C | F C | G F

get rid of repetion of ``C F `` :

  C F C G F

add a bridge in Ab halfdim.

Monday, February 18, 2013

tititi ta ta ta tititi

this is something that did not turn out so well on the last session.

as usual there were three bass players and only one guitar player.
when the opening quartet left stage, no one took over the void and my fellow lowdowners did not really dig into the idea of a  bass solo till the end :
i would volunteer to go first, take a bass solo, not too long, then leave the stage, another bass player lays his lines, leaves, the next one , and so on and so forth, till ...
but there were glasses of beer to be emptied, another void to be created, mirroring the one on the stage.

so i grabbed the young drummer, told him "this is an emergency" this means SOS or in morse "tititita ta ta tititi", and we did it, but as people told me afterwards, they do not know morse alphabet. education shurely is down the gutters.

played something like:


till some other time some other place ...

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

was du willst - what you want -- Vijay Iyer

Die Musik die ich machen will, erfordert ein bestimmtes Level von Vertrauen und Empathie.
Dieser Moment, wo du verletzlich wirst und die Musik sich anfühlt, als könnte sie in jedem Moment explodieren. Du könntest natürlich scheitern, aber wenn man sich erst einmal an das Scheitern gewöhnt hat, ist es gar nicht mehr so schlimm. Dann ist dieser Moment genau das, was du willst.
 eine analyse, was iyer will:

den moment, da die musik exlodieren kann, kurz vor dem scheitern, denn scheitern muss es, wie soll man sich sonst ans scheitern gewöhnen.
das vertrauen ist in den langjährigen projekten vorhanden ...

in english (please nag me on errors):

The music I want to make, requires a certain level of trust (or confidence) and empathy.
This moment, when you are vulnerable and the music feels like exploding any time. Obviously one could fail, but once you got accustomed to failure, it no longer is so bad. This moment then is the one you want (desire).

an analysis, what  Iyer wants:

the moment, the music could explode any time, right before failure. because it must fail, to get used to failure.
is it trust in the others or confidence in oneself ?


rework - the book

Jason fried & heinemeier hansson - 37signals

In page 14:
The real world isn't a place, it's an excuse. It's a justification for not trying. It has nothing to do with you.